Breast cancer is an illness where the cells in the breast grow exponentially. It can begin in different parts of the breast. The best way to overcome this illness is to detect early symptoms. What are the early symptoms and how aware we should be about our body? Symptoms may vary among people and in some cases doesn’t show any sign.

early detection

New lump or mass around the breast

The new lump or mass around the breast usually doesn’t hurt during the initial stage. The mass might have some irregular edges when touched. This is usually the first detected by most of the people. If you have any irregular physical changes around your breast, consider going to the professional healthcare for further inspection.

Changes to the breast skin

Heaviness or tenderness in the breast

Have you suddenly notice the weight or tenderness of your breast? Whether it is a bit hard or soft? If not, you should start to be aware of its tenderness and weight. There might be some changes in the texture. It is quite common if the tenderness change during the menstrual cycle but if the tenderness change is not due to the menstrual cycle, you should consult your doctor.

Nipple discharge

Nipple discharge is considered as any liquid that comes out from your breast aside from your milk. It could seep out of its own or you might need to squeeze your nipple a little bit. Nipple discharge can come in many colors. The color can provide hints on what causes it. However, it doesn’t always mean breast cancer. It is common during your reproductive years. However, just make sure to consult your doctor just for early precautions.


Some early indications of breast cancer are not physically visible. This is where the importance of clinical checkups take place. It helps to detect some signs such as calcifications. Calcifications are known as small deposits that show up on mammograms. On the mammograms, it will be shown as bright white specks on the breasts. Calcifications are just an indicator of something going on with your breast. It will not turn into breast cancer.

Changes to the breast skin

For some, changes in breast skin might be an indication of breast cancer or other diseases, unless you deliberately sunbathing on the beach. For males, other symptoms above might not be too visible and harder to find out. So the changes in your breast skins will be some of the early signs that you need to consult your doctor for a checkup.