Types of breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Cancer can simply be explained as manic cells with poor behavior that do not respect a healthy lifestyle, with continuous reproduction and long life. After the diagnosis of breast cancer, treatment options are determined by many factors, including the type of cancer, location, spread or stage of cancer, etcWhat types of breast cancer are there?


Here are the different types of breast cancer:


  1. Tumor grade- attributed to the pathologist and is based on cutting melanoma; Using a microscope, the pathologist can see how the cells look like a wig on the chest. Based on the classification information provided, the doctor can determine the best treatment options.
  2. Metaplastic carcinoma – the lesion is localized, and you can find various types of cells that are usually not found in other forms of breast cancer. Diagnosis and treatment are similar to dangerous duct cancer.
  3. Tubular carcinoma – the name comes from the plague visible from the microscope; it is an insidious type of cancer compared to lobular and ductal cancer.
  4. Lobular carcinoma (in situ) . is not a sarcoma. However, this will mean that the person has a high risk of developing melanoma. Even if you do not have lobular cancer, but your sister and mother have it, you will also be at high risk.


There are also times when a person develops fibrocystic changes. They relate to cysts and fibrosis. Cysts are crowded bags of fluid, while fibrosis is fibrous or has a handkerchief or wound. Fibrosis and cysts often occur earlier than breast cancer.


If you feel a lump on your chest and notice a slightly dull or pronounced discharge from the nipple, this may already be a symptom of a deadly disease. Only a doctor can accurately diagnose whether you have breast cancer. Before an accurate diagnosis, several tests are performed. Then you can choose one of the available treatment options.


Some patients choose traditional treatment, but there are those who refuse traditional medicine and instead choose alternative medicine. Well, the choice of the best treatment option is up to you. If you cannot afford the usual medication, you can always choose alternative medicines, but you often have to consider the stage of cancer.


The treatment varies and much depends on the type of breast cancer. There is an appropriate treatment for a specific type of cancer. Only a doctor can provide proper treatment. Do not try to use other medicines if your doctor tells you. Breast cancer is a serious problem and, if left untreated, can endanger life. Perform a self-examination, and if you find strength or mass, seek medical attention immediately.