Published on 18.10.2018 by Journal du Cameroun

This revelation was made by some experts in Oncology Care and Support at the start of the annual Breast Cancer Prevention Communication Campaign called “Pink October”.

The meeting of experts in oncology care and support presented the evolution of the prevalence of breast cancer in Cameroon. According to this organization, 2500 cases are detected each year and 70 to 80% of the people affected by this pathology are detected at very advanced stages called metastatic.

This late discovery of these cases of cancers can be attributed to factors such as the low socioeconomic level of patients, the remoteness of health facilities and the weakness of technical platforms.

For this purpose, the expert platform structured in association, urge government to equip itself with the necessary assets for the epidemiological surveillance, the prevention, the diagnosis, the treatment of the patients with cancers according to the international standards.

In addition, this group of experts believe that Cameroon has all the skills needed to manage cancer. However, the association notes that these skills and resources are poorly distributed, poorly valued and poorly equipped.

Based on the assumption that information, education, communication and facilitation of access to health facilities can reduce cancer, the experts through the association have been carrying out several breast cancer screening awareness activities.

This year, the association wants to push 2,000 Cameroonians to be screened for this pathology which although silent is making great strides in Cameroon.