Monday January 7th, 2019 is the day I met with the surgeon, Dr Terry Sarantou. He told me the cancer was aggressive, either a stage 1 or 2. I didn’t understand what it meant, all I knew was that they needed to do more scans to confirm what my diagnosis was. 

My lump size was approximately 2.6cm, and I was told I would  be starting chemotherapy in a couple of weeks. I was also informed of the toll chemo would take on my body and my mind. The treatment was going to be aggressive.  Of course I did do some reading! I had heard the stories, however, no story prepared me for my own personal experience. I was told the tumor would shrink after chemotherapy, after which I was to have surgery to remove what was left of it. I was also told I had to freeze my eggs because the chemotherapy will make it impossible for me to produce eggs. I cried non-stop, it was a lot for me to take in, but I had to take action regardless of my pain at the time.

I started chemotherapy on February of  2019. I went for my treatments on monday mornings. I would sit for hours receiving chemotherapy infusions each session. I had to get used to the treatments and the side effects. 

I experienced the full effect of the chemotherapy treatments. Over time I got used to managing my body and my energy levels. After all, I still had a daughter who vied for my attention every step of the way, she had no idea what her mommy was going through.  

My treatments are ongoing.

breast cancer